Industry 4.0 and business performance improvement


Automation is a complex set of activities that are implemented using different technologies and equipment aimed at manufacturing products or providing services with a minimum of manpower.

The degree of automation shows the extent to which a company uses automation tools (CNC machines, industrial robots, AGVs and other automated logistics solutions, automated measuring and control systems, etc.) instead of handicrafts.

Results of automation analysis


Level of use of automation tools (CNC machine tools and equipment, industrial robots, automated transport vehicles - AGVs, mobile robots, automated warehouse system solutions, etc.) and techniques (industrial internet, M2M, PLC, SCADA, etc.) for automating various enterprise processes along the value chain.


The purpose of automation needs is to evaluate the level of existing automation against the needs of the company, which creates the prerequisites for increasing the productivity and productivity of the company.


Reflects changes in the enterprise on a planned timeline (quarterly, semi-annually or yearly).

Estimation of the company's level of automation

Level of automation Description of the nature of the level
Weak The company has not implemented any production automation solutions to a significant extent or there is no need to implement them
Middle range The company has implemented some production automation solutions (CNC machine tools and / or equipment)
Good The company uses automation of various processes (CNC machines, industrial robots, PLCs, SCADA, etc.) and is moving towards the development of Industry 4.0
Excellent The company is strongly moving towards the implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies for automation of production, utilizing industry web capabilities, virtual and real-world integration, M2M solutions, etc