Industry 4.0 and business performance improvement


The main purpose of digitalisation is to improve business performance (production cost, product quality, product launch time, order fulfilment accuracy, etc) and be able to keep up with changes in market situations. Digital manufacturing is a technology-based approach to production that links different data silos and processes in the manufacturing lifecycle so that stakeholders can make better business decisions both comprehensively and at each step. An important goal of digital manufacturing is to improve efficiency and respond to changing customer demands in a more agile manner.

Digital manufacturing is the methodology that uses an integrated and computer-based systems to create product and manufacturing process simultaneously.

Digitalization value chain

Digitizing tools

International designation Content of a digital tool
CRM Customer Relationship Management
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
PLM Product Lifecycle Management, Process planning
MES Manufacturing Execution System, Production monitoring
IoT/M2M Computer Networks and Data Exchange
CPS Cyber Physical System application in a company
CAQ Computer Aided Quality Control
WMS Inbound Logistics and Warehouse management
CMMS Computerized Maintenance Management System
LIMS Quality Assurance and Laboratory Information Management System

The aim of a digital analysis is to get an overview of the extent to which and for what purpose companies are using different digitizing instruments in their value chain.

Levels of digitalization and their meaning

Level of digitalization Description of the nature of the level
Weak The company has not implemented digital technologies or there is no need for their implementation
Middle range The company has somewhat used various information communication technology tools to automate various processes
Good The company uses the digitalization of various processes and is moving towards the development of Industry 4.0 in the areas necessary for the company
Excellent The company is moving robustly towards Industry 4.0 technologies and several of the horizontal and vertical value chain processes have been digitized to the required level through various ICT solutions (both software and hardware)

Results of digital analysis

DIGILEVEL (Digital Presence)

The level of use of digitization tools and techniques to digitize different enterprise processes across the value chain.


The purpose of the Digital Needs is to assess whether the existing level of digitization meets the needs of the company. Correlation between Digital Presence and Digital Need creates preconditions for business performance.


Reflects changes in the enterprise on a timeline (quarterly, half-year, year).